Saturday, August 10, 2013

IC-735 VOX woes...

I really have enjoyed my Icom IC-735. I really believe it is the best radio that I could buy at the time I bought it, and a fantastic buy for the money I spend. However, I've run in to my first problem with it, and I'm hoping by posting the details, someone out there can point me in the right direction.
I have finally got my CW key! I've managed to hook it to my radio, and it works! I noticed my radio has something called Full Break In (QSK), that I've been trying to figure out exactly how to use. I read the manual (There's a first time for everything), and I learned I need to turn on the VOX. I turned it on, but it was stuck on, it wouldn't turn to receive mode. I convinced myself I was transmitting (On 10m at night, due to the likelihood that I would be ignored), but while I could convince myself I was transmitting (Some slight interference was showing up), I can't get the QSK mode to work. So, I decided to see if vox would work at all. I switched over to SSB, and the same thing was happening, I was transmitting just fine, but not getting any receive capability. Sigh.

Some of the things I've tried. Reading the service manual, adjusting the VOX gain, delay, and knob (screw) on the back. Talking on SSB. Asking several people who have owned the radio. Next thing on my list: Opening up the radio and seeing if I can find anything interesting by probing.

If anyone out there has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! I'll be sure and post my final answer to the world, in the hopes that someone can find the answer that I sure couldn't find when this happens to them.

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