Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Today's blog post is a short one, about an upcoming Kickstarter project called HackRf. This is a Software Defined Radio that supports a huge bandwidth. The power is rather limited, however. It could be a lot of fun to pick up one of these devices, as they could support virtually every amateur radio band from the very high to the very low frequencies, and I sure have a lot of bands I'm missing. It would also be a fun way to take the radio on the road for those times when I'm on a business trip.

For me, the biggest problem to purchasing such a device is the the fact that the transmit power is rather limited, only in the milliwatts. Still, there's a lot that could be done at that power, and even more if you could come up with an amplifier. For the price, $300, it's a bargin, however, it's a bit outside of my budget, and thus I won't be supporting the project. Still, I hope they have a lot of success, it seems like a fantastic project!

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