Monday, January 16, 2017

Dev Blog- Sea Trading Game- Starting Conditions, Ending Conditions set, new gameplay video

I managed to do most of what I intended to do this week, although I did fall a bit short of the ending conditions. Still, I'm quite happy overall. But first, let me include a video!

In putting together the video, I noticed a few bugs. The non-UI ones I fixed, and I looked at a few of the UI ones as well. For instance, I found the goods don't scroll on the right, but I was able to fix that.

The main thing I was working on this week was conditions, both starting and ending. For starting, I have cities configured to starting levels. Each city will receive a starting food and water, gold, silver, and a set of random seeds. I have seeds now for the entire set of possible plants. Overall, it seems to be working, although I haven't played much with it in use.

I also set up starting goods on the ship. There is a fixed amount of food and water that each ship will start out with.

I started to work on ending conditions, although I didn't get that far. These conditions could potentially be used for other things as well, and have a good chance of overtaking my tutorial system. Here's an example of a game over bug.

As for this week, I'm going to finish the game over conditions. I'm going to make the UI look at least a little bit better. I am going to set it up so seeds and food can be put in barrels easier, which will make things look better overall. Generally speaking, it's going to be clean up, bug fixing, and polishing. I think I'm going to start working on a video and web site to go with my KickStarter campaign, which I think I'm getting close to doing.

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