Monday, January 2, 2017

Dev Blog- Sea Trading Game- Good specified needs added

My major accomplishment this week was to add good specific needs to a ship. For instance, Sheep will require food in order to thrive on a ship at this point in time, at least they would if you could load them on to a ship. I also started the framework for giving indicators of how long you can survive with your given resources without dying.

Another small bug that I fixed was that the distance to the ship no longer indicates the distance to the land, if you are navigating to the land. It still shows a tail as you can see below, but I'm inclined to keep it as is. What do you think?

This week I will get the indicators as to if you have enough resources to make the trip safely. I'm also going to so some improvements to selecting the tiles. I'm hoping to get to a game over condition if I can get to it!

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