Monday, January 9, 2017

Dev Blog- Sea Trading Game- Ship supplies lifetime indicated, speed improvements, cursor shown, bug fixes!

This has been a productive week, showing a number of new features. I'm hopefully two small steps away from adding the game over conditions, at which time I'll be at an "alpha" state, and will start doing more formal testing!

I added a cursor this week, as well as an indicator as to how long your supplies will last. The color of the line changes depending on how long your supplies will last relative to the expected length of the voyage. I'm also probably going to change the cursor, but it'll serve for the time being.

I fixed a few speed issues, so the game now takes less memory and runs faster. It is now running at a similar speed to how it was several months ago, despite adding quite a few new complex features!

I also improved the display of the icons showing what goods are being grown, as can be seen below:

This week I'm hoping to get the game over conditions, which will basically occur if your crew gets to the point that they are wanting to revolt because you haven't fed or paid them. More similar details will occur, but that's the general idea for how the game will end. I'm also hoping to get the starting conditions better set, and possibly work on some improvements to the brokerage system.

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