Monday, April 4, 2016

Sea Trading Game- Slow week

I'm sorry to say there isn't more of an update this week, but some weeks are bound to be slower than others I suppose. This week most of my time has been spent tackling supplies, which proved to be harder than I thought it would be, and thus taxed me to my limits. I've now come up with a method for doing so fully, and started putting it together, but it will take a bit of time unfortunately. I should be able to have something this week, however.

Aside from that, I did fix a few minor UI issues, the most notable being that the text labeling cities appears in the correct order. This small change proved quite difficult, but I was able to get it in the end. You can see below what my final version actually looks like, note that the ship is above the labels of the city, but the city labels are above the cities.

This week I should be able to get supplies working to some extent. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to represent these as UI elements, but I'm getting there, slowly. Until next week!

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