Monday, April 25, 2016

Sea Trading Game- Ocean texture, better selection, and other enhancements!

This week I have been quite busy, doing UI/ niceties to upgrade my game. It's starting to take shape, and become something that I'm quite excited to have progress!

The most notable change is the ocean now looks more like an ocean, with slowly moving waves moving in and out. Here's a sample of what it looks like (Forgive the sudden jump when it moves back to the beginning)

I've also spent some work getting the ship's movement to look more realistic. The effect looks quite nice, and I am happy with it for now.

I've also improved the selection dialog for hold selection, as seen below. The boxes are now outlined with an "inner glow" of sorts, which improves the effect.

This week I will continue to work on the Captain. Specifically, I hope to start to show the effects of having a good captain from a poor one. I might continue a few UI elements that were started, but not finished, from last week. And if I have more time, I'll start working on generating more realistic maps than I have before, although that likely will take a few weeks.

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