Monday, December 19, 2016

Dev Blog- Sea Trading Game. Managing the needs of a ship

This week has been one of thought most than actual action. I did a number of code cleaning up items, tweaked the lighting slightly, but most of what I've been doing this week is thinking about exactly how I want to have the needs of a ship be met.This has caused me to re-think how some other things are done in the game as well.

A ship will have a number of needs. Some of these will be based on the size of the crew (water, food, salary), some will be based on random events (Extra rigging, sails, cannon shots, etc), and some will be fixed per time (Rot, barnacles, etc.) Initially I will be working on the crew size items, but I will add in random events as I can do so.

This week I plan on at least getting the ship needs system coded. Not sure how much I will be able to accomplish, it is a busy week after all. Still, it is all coming together, slowly.

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