Monday, December 12, 2016

Dev Blog- Sea Trading Game. Better Good Selection, improved dialogs, starting to use graphics

Despite taking the weekend off to do Ludum Dare, I actually managed to do more this week than I thought I was going to. I fixed a number of bugs, and started to work on the dialog selection. I also started to give at least a primitive look to a number of my dialogs, as you'll see below.

I started to improve my Missions dialog. I've long had in mind that I wanted the missions to look like they were written on paper, posted on a notice board. I'm still not quite there, but you can get a feel for it below.

Buying goods was dramatically changed. I'll let the image speak for itself, see below. I'm not quite happy with it, but it's a good preview of what will come, I believe.

I fixed the dialogs, they are now pretty playable. I haven't found any show stopper bugs in the game anywhere, so overall I'm happy!

For this week, I'm likely going to solve a problem that I have in a number of places, and that is my grid views are less than perfect. I'm going to write a tool to dramatically improve those grid views, and I might even sell it as an asset in the Unity Asset Store... I'm also going to work on making the game feel more like a game. Right now it feels like a sandbox, but not a game. You can't lose, and while there is a score, it doesn't really mean anything. I'm going to add the capacity to starve to death, lose animals, etc. I still won't put in completely random events yet, but...

Also, stay tuned, I'm going to release a post-mordem from my Ludum Dare project, should be good!

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