Monday, October 31, 2016

Dev Blog- Sea Trading Game- Seeds now being produced, demand now prioritized

The main goal of this week was to improve the seed functionality, to ensure that seeds are being produced. I was in fact able to get that functionality to work, and seeds are now being produced! The other goal was to better allocate unused productivity, basically producing goods when nothing is needed. I have the logic in place to do such, and am currently testing it out.

One of the first things that I did was to improve my "secret" developer panel to let me know how many goods were being produced of what variety. I learned a lot from these, including what resources are being produced, and that some of them were not being produced. I also learned that there were lots of idle people, which indicated problems in my system.

Figuring out how to properly prioritize demand was difficult, to say the least. What I ended up doing was thinking about what characteristics would be in an ideal demand prioritization system. Of these, some applied to a specific need, and others applied to maximizing the benefit of the city. I set up a separate priority queue for the latter case, and it's all working out nicely!

This week I need to finish debugging things put in last week, and then I'll be back to adding in lots of goods! I'm planning to add in crop building first, and then I'll be able to start working on other types of goods, including resources and manufactured goods.

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