Monday, October 24, 2016

Sea Trading Game. Improving sell/buy pricing, producing goods at "factory" locations, and starting to manufacture seeds

This was another week with relatively few easily visible changes, but those changes are quite critical! The changes include manufacturing at "factories", which previously did not work correctly, manufacturing "seeds", which will allow one to make seeds if there is not sufficient raw goods to form an object.

Seed production was the biggest change, and the most complex one. They are required for situations in which a city wants to make cotton clothing of some kind, I will need Cotton. In order to make Cotton, I need to plant it, which will produce "raw cotton", and that "raw cotton" will then be converted to usable cotton, by removing the seeds from the useful fibers. Previous to this week, I could only produce goods that directly satisfied a need, now I am able to produce the materials required to manufacture such goods. I am still not completely done with this, while I have seen it work somewhat, it doesn't work as well as the other good production works. In addition, there is no demand for seeds, which seems to not be realistic. I'm still working out exactly how I'm going to do all of this, stay tuned!

One of the most positive changes was improving how goods are sold. Previously, it was possible to have even valuable goods that aren't in demand at the moment to sell for 0. This isn't realistic at all. I was able to fix the system. Buying a good and selling it in the same port will lose you some money, but not everything you originally invested.

I'm still working through how a lot of things are going to work out. I think I'm going to re-design the ship hold system sooner than later, as it's becoming more of a pain, although I can't promise I will work on that this week. The critical thing I believe is to finish the systems I added this past week, to get them working as expected.

Lastly, I'm starting to think about putting together a promo video. I would be interested in any tips that anyone out there might have. Thanks for all of your support, you guys are awesome!

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