Monday, August 1, 2016

Sea Trading Game- Supply now determined by demand

This week was a slower week than many, but I did still make progress. As in previous weeks, I've been working on supply/demand, and figuring out how to get it. This week much of my time was spent supporting an Android app I made for Amateur Radio operators, Ham Finder. It took longer than expected, but it was necessary, and now I can focus on what I really want to work on, my Sea Trading Game!

Each city now automatically determines what the supply/demand requirements are for a given turn. Each city does this by estimating it's yearly requirement for a given good, and making goods accordingly. It's still not perfect, but it's good enough for early testing. It works now, although the system is quite primitive. I'm going to eventually add in more logic, some kind of behaviors. The behaviors will determine how much goods to stockpile, if the city wants to make money, be self-sufficient, or other such things. That of course will take time, I'm hoping to still get to it by the end of the month.

On my plate for this week is determining the price based on Supply and Demand. I have an idea of what I want to do for that, that will take in to account the current supply/demand, the short term future supply/demand, and what is the intrinsic value of an item at a particular location.

If I get that to where I want it, then I'm going to do a few other things, including have supplies consumed by the people, probably rotting with time, and hopefully "Good Families", where demand is for a family of goods, like food, as opposed to a specific type of item, like grain, meat, etc. I haven't thought exactly through what I want to do with that, but I'm getting there.

Lastly, I showed you my list of things to do last week. Compare that to this week's list, and you'll see that I am in fact making progress! Note that most of the things on the bottom of the first list are to refine things that I started this week.


  1. Just a thought, you could later throw in weather simulation to a) modify how the ship moves and b) modify various production rates. That way players could have moments where they correctly identify weather changes and predict market trends off of that.

    1. I have thought of a weather simulation for both of those things actually. There is already limited knowledge of the weather baked in to the model, it takes in to account the season, temperature, etc for items. The temperature varies based on the day of the year, but is very deterministic. This will start to do what you intend. A larger weather system is something for sure I'm planning on doing, although exactly how it will work I'm not yet sure. Certainly there will be storms that cause issues, probably some shifting winds as well. Beyond that, well, I'm still working out the details, one step at a time.