Monday, August 15, 2016

Sea Trading Game- City needs, consuming goods, land based navigation

This was a very productive week, which allowed me to accomplish most of the goals I had set for the week. I was able to create generalized city needs, consume goods, and even start update to the mission profiles such as land based navigation.

The biggest thing was working on City Needs. A City Need is defined as a fundamental need of a city, namely those that can be transported. These include things like food, water, clothing, building materials, and even non-needs like luxuries. Each good is set such that it will satisfy one or more of these needs. Demand then is not for a specific material, but rather a "need". I will likely set some specific "needs", most likely for things like drugs, but otherwise it will be more general.

A city can now consume these goods. Consumption of goods will increase the happiness of a city. Failure to meet the needs will result in the people being unhappy. I might even add in a death connection, I haven't figured out all of the details.

I'm working towards connecting all of the cities, keeping a list of the distance between each city. I haven't yet optimized this list generation, it can take considerable time, but I'm getting there, slowly. The rewards for missions is now more in line with the rest of the system.

I also added a super secret invisible dev panel, to assist in debugging things. For instance, I've added a calculation of global supply/demand, as seen below. Note that is tells me that balance is required, as there are too many of some materials (gold, silver, rum, tobacco), and not enough of others (water, good, wool). Of course, I haven't even yet tried to arrange the material generation in a more logical manner.

Lastly, I wanted to show how being at a marginal demand can affect price. Here's an example of the price changes for a material, as one purchases most of the good, the price goes up.

This week I'm hoping to do some work on flushing out a personality profile for a city. These will include things like how much storage of an item do they require, how willing are they to try new things, do they value people's happiness more than money, and related attributes.

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