Saturday, July 20, 2013

IARU HF Championship

This past weekend I stumbled upon something that ended up being quite a bit of fun on the air. Specifically, I ran in to the IARU HF Championship. The championship is an unusual contest, because it is world wide. This is in fact the very first time that I've ran in to a world wide contest, and it was fantastic for increasing the countries I've worked.
Here's my statistics from the contest:
  • Total Contacts- 101
  • Total Score- Around 9000
  • Multipliers- Around 44
  • New Countries- 7
  • Confirmed in LOTW (To date)- 34
  • New Countries in LOTW- 6- Slovenia, Poland, Spain, Canada, Panama, Venezuela
  • New States in LOTW- 6- Wisconsin, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Ohio, Minnesota, Maryland
Bottom line is, it was a lot of fun, and I hope to repeat next year! It helped me a great deal on WAS and DXCC, they are getting closer every day!

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