Monday, April 17, 2017

Dev Blog- Sea Trading Game. Let's give it a name, and fix UI stuff.

Well, I've decided to finally give my game a name. Right now I've been floating two titles, "Colonial Sea Trader" and "Columbian Exchange". Perhaps not the most original names, but, hey, it's better than "Unnamed Sea Trading Game" that I've been floating for over a year. I'm quite interested to hear what you have to think of, let me know.

In conjunction with the naming decision, I also released a new video. This will probably be the last one from this channel, I'm going to work on a dedicated channel soon for this game, but I'd like to get it named first.

A few other things that I did:

  • I upgraded to Unity 5.6.
  • I improved the way the layout changes with resolution, I think it should be more consistent now. I'm going to be improving a few other of the displays as well, but overall...
  • I've now made it so the entire screen is visible, and not the the small portion visible before.
  • I fixed a number of bugs.
  • I have a new camera system in place that I think will take me to the final system. Lines are no longer visible, although I need to improve the cloud system a bit to get it perfected.

My goals for this week are as follows:
  • Improve the image display slightly.
  • Make my final name decision!
  • Numerous bug fixes to make the game feel more like a game.
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