Monday, June 5, 2017

Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- Polishing dialogs

This week was primarily spent polishing the dialogs edited last week, as well as fixing a few visual bugs. The biggest change was a few upgrades to the cityscape, which you can see below.

Also fixed was a bug that didn't show the correct value of the goods, and other dialog bugs. I will spare you an image of them, trust me, they are there.

This week I want to fix a few visual issues. Basically, those items that appear in world space don't have a consistent look. They sometimes appear behind the ship, sometimes in front of it, and sometimes even between the ship, all of which just don't quite look right! They also don't scale well with size. This week I plan on fixing all of these issues! I'm also hoping to get the website ready to go, however, I'm wanting to try out one additional thing before I'm ready to put it to the test.

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