Monday, September 19, 2016

Sea Trading Game- Trust Factor, Upgrade Buildings, Automatic flow of goods, prefer closer cities for missions

This was a week of a whole bunch of little fixes. There are a number of little things that I needed to do in order to start adding more goods. That is the major milestone that I'm working towards at this moment. I was able to finish almost all of them.

Fixes this week include:

1. Transporting people will actually cause a loss of talent and people from the original station, and bring that to the new location.
2. Goods now will flow automatically, albiet rarely, from city to city.
3. Missions now have a preference towards closer cities, not having to go so far out.
4. Automatic good and people transfers will prefer closer voyages as well.
5. There are more types of buildings in a city. These buildings will be mostly hidden, at least initially, although I have hopes to include them in a photo of the city. These buildings will allow for the production of various types of goods in addition to what they currently do.
6. There is a trust factor. If you complete many missions for the same location, then it will tend to trust you with more cargo.

I also did an appraisal to review every time in code that I have listed an item as needing to be done in the future. Many of these I was able to do now due to updates I've made in other locations in the game. I did add an action item list to keep track of all of these things, and moved a few of the higher priority ones to the top of the list!

This week, on my agenda, is to prioritize a bit more my to-do list that I captured this week, to do some speed enhancements by object pooling, and to finish a few upgrades that I need to do to allow for entering goods. If I get all of those changes done, then I will start with the fun stuff, namely adding goods. I'm hoping to include a LOT of types of goods, my goal for this initial pass is maybe 30-40, or even more if I can make it happen.

Lastly, I'm going to leave with a request for some feedback. One of the things that I think is the least clear in the game is the ship dialog. Part of that is the poor graphics, which I've included below. I'm very much in favor of changing just about anything. Please let me know what you think!

Things that I'm looking out for:

1. I would like to have different types of holds.Currently I have hidden compartments, very secure storage, two types of passenger cabins, and a generic hold, plus an area that isn't set up for anything. I'm considering more options.
2. Some goods will prefer certain types of holds.
3. The ship should be configurable.

Right now I have the tile based system seen above, where each section of the hold can be independently configured. I was hoping to someday make the outline of a ship out of this somehow, but I haven't quite figured out what I want to do. I'm curious to see what ideas you have. Thanks!

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