Monday, June 13, 2016

Sea Trading Game- Improving the lay of the land

This week as promised I've been working to improve the way the procedural generation works, and how it looks. This is the result.

I'm going to still be playing with the textures, and one thing that I'm going to do is to add in some different types of biomes, to add more variety than I currently have. I'm also planning on smoothing out the map so it doesn't look so pixelated, even though fundementally everything will still be tile based, there will be some smoothing factors.

I did also make some improvements to speed up the rendering process quite a bit. The end result is the map can be quite a bit larger than it was before, without difficulties!

Aside from that, I'm now moving all of the world generation in to the configuration file I recently set up. It's taking a bit of time to get right, but it will make things easier once it is all done.

Also, you might notice there are a few different types of land. I have islands, lakes, land, and ocean tile types currently. They each show up a little different, and will have different characteristics. Island ports will act very differently than land based ones, they will have different wants and provide different items than a typical port.

As a whole, the game progresses on, and the next few weeks should be very exciting in continuing that trend!

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