Monday, May 23, 2016

Sea Trading Game- Slow march of progress

So this week added a few features that don't at first glance seem huge, but definitely make the game feel nicer. The most noticeable thing is that the graphics have changed for pathfinding to be something more curvy, as seen below. I had quite a bit of help from this article, thanks Catlike Coding!

The other changes are more minor, mostly in trying to load things easier, with one notable exception. Resources can now be seen via the map. Right now it only works for Fish, but the same thing should apply to other areas as well.

I've also been tracing through some Unity issues.

On the plate for this week is continuing to improve the look and feel of the world. I'm going to do a bit of behind the scenes work to make my testing easier, and then start making the world feel more realistic with things like labor costs, regional resource costs, and maybe even a more realistic map.

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