Saturday, June 22, 2013

Current Ham Radio Goodies Wishlist

Today is the start of Field Day. Get out and find a place to participate! Seriously, it will be awesome!

As a result, I don't have time for a full blog post, but I will post a wish list of things that I have been considering getting. I'm including them roughly in the order that I think I'll actually get them. Just for those who want to thank me for all of the wonderful help I have given them to getting started with Ham Radio;-)

1. A satellite antenna, most likely the Arrow Satellite Antenna. ($137)
2. A cable to connect my IC-735 to a computer, most likely this one
3. A Rigblaster Pro (Only if required)
4. Some sort of a VHF pre-amp/amplifier. Not sure of the details here, but most likely a decent kit to build one.
5. A 220 radio, along with some sort of an antenna
6.  All mode VHF radio (UHF would be nice as well)
7. 4x2 yagi from Arrow Antennas

All of this will let me do what I really want to do in ham radio, which is:

1. Satellite communications
2. EME communications
3. Improved capacity to talk simplex 2m
4. Digital communications (For use with WAS Triple Play)

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