Monday, June 26, 2017

Dev Blog- Colonial Sea Trader- Improving the seed functionality, adding new goods

One of the problems that I've noticed for a while is that water is significantly overproduced compared to the other goods. This week I hunted down the cause. I found that the largest reason was that water is the one good that can be produced anywhere without needing anything, and thus water would be stored even if it wasn't needed in other places!

To solve this problem, I've decided to take a couple of stage approach. First of all, I'm adding a lot more goods. I've long had a list of about 60 goods that I wanted to add, and now those are getting added! I'm probably going to have to redo a few things while making this happen, to allow for better display of information, and buying goods. I've had a few ideas for how to make this happen, but once I have the full good layout, it should be a bit easier.

I'm going to try to add most of the plant goods that I've had in mind to do for a while. I'm also probably going to add new goods like wood that are pretty much common world wide, which should reduce the large water stockpiles that exist.

The last thing, which I'll have to do some playing with, is setting out initial planting conditions. I'm not 100% sure yet this is required, but it is something that I will be keeping an eye on as I continue the goods additions.

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