Monday, May 16, 2016

Sea Trading Game- New right panels, smoother dragging near the edge of the map, wake

This week I've made a lot of progress! I started out by making the ships easier to manage, which allowed me to add some fun features, such as a wake moving behind the ship.

 I also updated the right panel considerably. The goal that I'm working towards is to have it include more information in a way that is easier to digest. Here's an example of a city (Note that I'll eventually include images for the various items, instead of the blank white boxes currently included)

Here's what it looks like for a ship:
The last thing I've done is to make the edges a bit easier to notice when dragging

I also started a menu system, which is very rough for now, but it will bring me in to the desired game mode.  I've also released a new preview of the game, as I'm getting to a transition phase, I want to get some more feedback from the public to see what you all think of it. Check it out at this link. I suggest you choose the tutorial mode, the game mode is still under very active development, and doesn't really do much so far!

Overall it's starting to come along, I'm finally getting beyond the proof of concept stage, and in to the real meat of the game!

Goals for this week are to improve some of the graphics, and to have a way to show resources on the map like fish densities. Maybe I'll even get to my long desired name for the game, which still eludes me.

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