Monday, May 9, 2016

Sea Trading Game- Moving preview, fish/ tile, wind patterns, etc

This has been another productive week. I started by putting in a pattern for the wind patterns, that follows a few circles around the center, making it easier to test out new algorithms. I started the process of procedural generation by putting the fish count per tile. I did remove the "Drunk Sailor" effect, replacing it with a more subtle error generation, that I will be tweaking in the short term future. Overall, the game is really starting to progress!

The biggest change I did was to add in realtime path generation. The graphics for it aren't great, but the effect does work well. Notice the path that will be taken updates as I move the mouse around.

I also changed the way the ocean was displayed slightly. I'm still not perfectly happy with it, but it is coming along, and I'll probably leave it alone for now.

The most exciting thing for me personally was that I started the process of procedural generating a world. Specifically, each tile now has a psuedo-random amount of fish, so certain areas will tend to get more fish than others. I haven't set it up yet, but I intend to have the areas near the poles have fewer fish than those near the equator.

The next few weeks are back to working on UI elements. Two areas that I primarily intend to focus on are improved graphics for the realtime path generation script, and improving the display of information, including city, captain, ship movement, and other related items. I will add in a few plugs that make using a real ship model easier, and depending on the time, I might even put in an improved ship model. I also want to break out the "tutorial" mode from the main game play mode, but I'm not sure if I will get to that. Should be exciting, in any case!

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