Monday, March 21, 2016

Sea Trading Game- Ease of trading, new hold types, hold system easier to manage.

This week has brought a number of changes, focused on making trading easier. For starters, I've decided that there needed to be a better way to find the cities to deliver goods. I decided for now I'm going to highlight the cities all the time, instead of the occasional blinking that would happen for the tutorial phase of the game. I also made that clue more obvious.
The ship has a mission to go to 14, which is clearly highlighted

Other areas include finishing the hold system. I now feel that it is much better, and more intuitive than before. Note that for now, stability doesn't do anything, but it will at a future date. This new system seems more intuitive than the previous system of adding/removing walls.
As you might notice, there are a few new types of holds in the above diagram. While they aren't fully implemented, I have created a different type of cabin, with hammocks, as was commonly used. I've also created a smuggling compartment, complete with a trapdoor. I'm considering a few additional types of holds as well, likely including a galley and a safe room.

Next on my list is to continue to work on the new types of holds, and polish a number of small UI type bugs that I have seen, hopefully improving that system considerably. Passengers, for instance, aren't quite where I want them to be yet. Then I plan to start some of the more interesting tasks, including storing supplies on the ship, that slowly are consumed. Then I will work on having more of a feel for the crew, which I know I want to have be a part of the game, but I haven't decided yet how I plan on that. I'm also going to work more on the task of naming the game, and maybe a few other tasks. Not there yet, but it is most definitely coming along.

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