Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Figuring out the Master Band Plan

Now that I've started to go digital, one of the key things is to figure out the digital band plan. I have plans to eventually do something really neat with this, but here's a rough idea of what the band plan is for Digital modes. I'm going to focus on 20m, as most of them are similar to it, and include the links for the other information.

At the highest level is the FCC rules:

14.000-14.150 MHz- Digital Modes (CW included)
14.150-14.350 MHz- Analog Modes (SSB included)

The next level seems to be the ARRL band plans, which are actually quite complete for VHF+, but seem to lack a bit in the details for HF bands:

20 Meters (14.0-14.35 MHz)

14.070-14.095 RTTY
14.095-14.0995 Packet
14.100 NCDXF Beacons
14.1005-14.112 Packet
14.230 SSTV
14.286 AM calling frequency

The next level down is CIARC, which provides some really good detailed information on digital modes, but is still a bit lacking.

Mode Specific Dial Freq Center Freq Offset
14.07 14.07015
Olivia Olivia 16/500 14.073.65 14.0744 750
Olivia Olivia 32/1000 14.1055 14.1065 1000

Olivia Olivia 16/500 14.07765 14.0784
Olivia Olivia 32/1000 14.1055 14.1065
Olivia Olivia 32/1000 14.1065 14.1075

The ultimate band plan seems to be, but this has a bit too much detail, including nets, etc.

I'm going to put together a master band plan, that includes everything I can find, and piece it together here. Hopefully it will be of some use to the community out there!

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