Wednesday, July 31, 2013

GOTA- What to do before Field Day

I anticipate this to be the last of my 3 part series on how to run an effective GOTA station for Field Day. I certainly have learned a lot in putting this together, and I hope you all have benefited as well. For the final part, I wish to talk about things you should do well before Field Day to make the GOTA station effective.
The first thing, and perhaps most important, is to be keeping an eye out for new promising operators. I know of a new Ham who just received his license last week, who is very excited about amateur radio. Look for these people. The best time to find them well before Field Day. When you find enthusiastic new hams, mentor them. Invite them over to your hamshack. Teach them the notes. Be their Elmer. Help them learn how to work a pileup, and how to create a pileup. These will be your valuable assets during Field Day.

The second key is working with your potential coaches. Come up with a system between you on how to effectively work with people, either based off of ideas previously in this discussion, or before. Practice before Field Day helping mike shy kids making contacts. Volunteering with a youth group, such as at a classroom, a Scout group, or similar would be enormously helpful. Do the same sorts of training exercises that you want to do on Field Day, and see if they work.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you to run a more effective GOTA station. If we run it properly, the operators, coaches, and other will have lots of fun. This will encourage new blood in to Amateur Radio, and overall be beneficial to all. Good luck in your attempts, and above all, make sure they have fun!

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